By Gary Hirson – an IMAGINEUR

The one thing I remember about my childhood, teen years, and twenties, is how brave I was.

Back then my dreams were big, taking on the world didn’t require a second thought, and I had the energy to do it.

That’s the beauty of youth, the world is an adventure, the bravery is close at hand, and there’s an abundance of energy. However, it can lack experience.

The role that young people play is that it’s their dreams that are our future, but for them to live their dreams, they’ll need to be courageous and have the energy to follow through with it.

These are some of the traits of an entrepreneur;

  • Have a dream or a vision.
  • Be bold enough to pursue it.
  • Be persistent in making it happen.

I love reading books, stories, and cartoon publications of the “old world,” like Asterix and Obelix and, The Mystery of The Great Pyramid.  The reason is that besides the fun and adventure,  it seems like during those times whenever an issue arose, the tribal elders would gather, discuss, and impart their knowledge towards a viable solution. Kind of like modern-day mentors.

Mentors and mentorship form a key component to the success of the much needed –  visionary, brave,  and energy-filled – younger entrepreneurs. Not only to celebrate the times when everything is going well, smoothly, and all is good,  but also during the times when the challenges, obstacles, and rejections arise. Who better to turn to, chat with, and brainstorm ideas with, then someone who has experienced the adventures that entrepreneurship brings.


As an experienced entrepreneur and Life Coach mentoring entrepreneurs, there is a concept which I resonate with called Createfulness, and that we are all Createful.

We are all unique, we all are creative,  and we have our own brand of creativity. Entrepreneurship embraces creatfulness.

Createfulness can be applied to whatever we want to achieve, whether it’s getting a better grade, creating a work of art, creating an individual or a team vision, developing ourselves further, or planning a start-up or entrepreneurial venture.

Createfulness focuses on;

Practical mindsetThe MIND – how do we relate to our unique brand of creativity?

  • The MATTER – what is our unique brand of creativity?
  • The MOTIVATION – what do we want to do with it?
  • The Purpose or destination, WHAT do we want to achieve, and WHY? (This can be applied to groups or individuals.)
  • The starting point – what are the internal and external resources we have available to us?
  • The Belief needed and who do we need to become to get there.

The Journey, what are the steps needed, setting goals, leadership skills, dealing with the obstacles, challenges, and successes, as this is where the change that needs to happen, happens. starting point


Gary Hirson is an IMAGINEUR.

Believing in the power of the creative imagination and the need for goal-setting, he combines both elements in his Coaching philosophy and #Createful programs. With the backing of his  Coaching credentials, he has introduced _Createful_ tools via books, online coaching, programs, and webinars.

He has written and independently published 3 interactive children’s books, introducing tools related to Createfulness. Alongside his professional photography business and successful running of two other businesses, which have subsequently been sold, Gary always dreamt of publishing coffee-table books with his name on them. Having now photographed and published two unique books, Gary realised his big dream, but still has many others to conquer.

In addition, the tools he advocates in the books, he uses, along with his experience as a  Coach, to aid the youth, entrepreneurs, and creatives to best identify and achieve their dreams.