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Lydia Zingoni is Founder and Director of SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation. She holds several degrees in Economic History, Information management, and marketing. She has worked for several years as an Information specialist in The United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Her last corporate job as CPUT Libraries Director, exposed her to the business formation needs of potential young entrepreneurs. Lydia, has run several businesses of her own in book trade, business information directories, free advertising papers, to internet cafes. Her passion has been and still is to instil the young minds to a culture of entrepreneurship.

SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation was formed purely as a channel for the cultivation and promotion of an entrepreneurial culture in all our teens in South Africa and beyond. To date there are 18,5 million Teens in South Africa out of a total population of 49 Million people. Therefore Teenagers represent more than a third of the nation’s population. Through SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation Lydia’s dream is create entrepreneurial programmes, competitions and networks that will penetrate to teenagers into all provinces.


I am a founder and Executive Director at AdNotes, a media and communications agency that specializes in providing broad-based and targeted access to mass-market consumers throughout Africa. In its pursuit of organic and acquisition growth, AdNotes has acquired interests in other industries like Education, Textile, and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

I also serve as a trustee on the South Africa Teen Entrepreneur Board, Founding member of the Foundation for South African Business and Consumer Services (FABCOS) Youth Desk, member of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Business Chambers Council, World Economic Forum Global Shaper Durban Hub. and a Power of Youth fellow.