Why Our Youth Will Benefit From an Environmental Education

It’s no secret that our planet is in trouble. At times, we may be able to drown out the voices of eco activists like @GretaThunberg, but the hard truth is that we need to take serious action towards building a greener, environmentally healthy future if we want earth to thrive for future generations.

There are so many ways that we can strive for change… and one of them is environmental education.

What is environmental education?

Environmental education aims to prepare students for a more sustainable, greener future. Green schools don’t ignore the regular curriculum, but environmental ideals are interwoven with ‘normal’ lessons. In this way, environmental awareness becomes second nature to young learners who will grow up to become future leaders.

It’s obvious that environmental education is good for our planet, but there are benefits for students too!

Benefits of environmental education for students

Engaging lessons – by applying the curriculum to the natural world, lessons are not as abstract and have context, making them more interesting.

Academic achievement – students are more likely to apply themselves when the subject matter is relatable and interesting. The result – higher test scores.

Active, outdoor lifestyle – with many green school lessons taking place outside, students are more physically active and enjoy the health benefits of fresh air.

Ideal STEM lessons – science, technology, engineering and maths are perfect subjects for engaging environmental education lessons.

Soft skills development – vital qualities like leadership and problem solving are naturally encouraged through active learning.

Improved focus – engaging, diverse lessons are especially beneficial to students with learning disabilities who have difficulty focusing in a traditional school environment.

Entrepreneurial thinking – entrepreneurship isn’t just about business, it’s about critical thinking and innovation. Green schools foster these skills that are useful for all students (and the future eco entrepreneur).

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