#TeenBoss is a three day event design for maximum impact on Teenagers, exposing them to entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

The three day programme takes each participant and their team on a journey from a defined initial problem through to a business proposal presentation. The programme is similar to the Start-up Weekends that have run around the world, but with an emphasis on Teenagers and local community problems.

Each team is assigned an initial problem that they need to understand and create a business solution for. This is done through a number of key phases:

  1. Introduction to your problem and understand why is exists
  2. Understand your personal and team strengths
  3. Explore the people affected by the problem who will become your customers
  4. Ideate various solutions to the problem to begin to visualise a product offering
  5. Create a visual representation of the product to use for marketing
  6. Build a business model around the product to include resources and finances
  7. Prepare a pitch presentation

Each team will deliver a pitch presentation to a panel on the third day. Prizes are awarded to the top 3 teams.

Each participant will walk away from the 3 day #TeenBoss experience with a framework to address social and community problems and turn them into viable business solutions. Leadership, teamwork and collaboration are also key take home outcomes for each participant.

Programmes are run from 10:00 – 16:00 at a venue conducive to the requirements. All participants are given lunch and refreshments each day and leave with a short booklet outlining the business development process, a certificate of attendance and a #TeenBoss cap.

Corporates are encouraged to partnership with #TeenBoss as either a Lead sponsor of for donations towards costs or facilities.


For further information on #TeenBoss, please contact Lydia Zingoni on 082 907 0739