Learn and earn: How to become your mentor’s virtual assistant

One of the best ways to learn the skills necessary to start your own business or to break into a specific industry is to seek out a mentor who can provide you with guidance and a myriad of exciting learning opportunities. Unfortunately, if you need to be earning an extra income to support yourself, your dreams, and your ideas, you might find it difficult to benefit fully from such a relationship. Have you considered becoming a virtual assistance for your mentor, so that you can earn while you learn? Here’s how to go about it.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who assists another individual or a small business with various admin-related tasks that can be completed in-office, digitally or telephonically. This may include tasks like responding to emails, returning phone calls, booking appointments, setting up meetings, sending out invoices, fact-checking documents, etc.

Many entrepreneurs choose to hire virtual assistants on an ad hoc or freelance basis to perform the day-to-day tasks that otherwise consume their energy. This frees them up to pursue the business matters that require their skill set, but as their virtual assistant you will be exposed to almost every aspect of running a business, learning how to build and operate a small business.

What skills are needed?

As long as you’re skilled when it comes to using a computer, you should be able to manage basic virtual assistant tasks, the rest you will learn as you develop. However, it definitely works in your favour to possess other skills, such as a knowledge of social media marketing, how to use Microsoft Office programmes (like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), graphic design, and general writing skills.

It’s also a good idea to work on improving your communication skills, people skills, decision-making skills, and self-discipline.

Why it’s worth it

Not only will working for your mentor as a virtual assistant help you to generate a small, yet valuable income while you learn from him or her, but you’ll be racking up impressive work experience, too. Work experience that will look great on your CV once you finish school and head out into the cut-throat working world!

Taking your business to market

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