10 04, 2018

High school to college; the transition from good to great 

2018-03-19T10:29:00+00:00 April 10th, 2018|Articles for Teens|

What can be better than being a matriculant and/or big shot in high school? It is none other than being a college student. You’ve heard the buzz, but is tertiary really all that? Yes. You can’t compare the two. For once the hype is real. It's all it's cracked out to be. Here’s why. Stuff [...]

13 03, 2018

Lessons That Only your Worst Subject at School Can Teach You

2018-02-20T05:16:09+00:00 March 13th, 2018|Articles for Teens|

We all have a subject that we simply despise at school. Whether you hate it because you find the work involved uninteresting and the teacher doesn’t inspire you, or whether it is because you are struggling to master the skills necessary in order to do well in it, it is this ‘worst subject’ that is [...]

5 02, 2018

7 Habits that make great young leaders even greater

2018-01-12T09:24:26+00:00 February 5th, 2018|Articles for Teens|

Look at a blade of grass. See how it dances in the wind. How it bends in the storm. It does not try to withstand the storm with might, but dances in the rain like never before. Nature teaches us without saying a word. It stands tall and personifies strength to those who have eyes [...]

22 01, 2018

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

2018-01-12T09:18:59+00:00 January 22nd, 2018|Articles for Teens|

Have you ever wondered why it’s called an ‘elevator pitch’? It’s quite simple, really. When you meet someone in an elevator and they ask you what it is that you do, you only have a few seconds to tell them – and make an impression with what you choose to say! Here are our top [...]

15 01, 2018

Learn, Fail, Learn Some More – The Journey of an Entrepreneur

2018-01-12T09:16:29+00:00 January 15th, 2018|Articles for Teens|

The beautiful part about being an entrepreneur is not only making a success of your venture, but making the most of the journey that takes you there. What’s even more wonderful is that it’s not just your business that grows – you do, too! Below, we take a brief look at what to expect as [...]

1 12, 2017

Ideas can change the world – collaboration can make them happen

2017-11-23T07:47:36+00:00 December 1st, 2017|Articles for Teens|

Have you ever woken in a state of pure ecstasy? You know… Like you’ve just cracked something significant or had an idea that can change the world? Then reality hits you. You need a lot of skills and expertise to help you make it come alive. Sometimes you can see the vision, taste it and [...]

31 10, 2017

Starting young – the entrepreneurial success story of “Zesty Zandra”

2017-10-13T06:22:15+00:00 October 31st, 2017|Articles for Teens|

What would you do if you were a pre-teen and your parents refused to buy you your favourite lip balm? Or worse, your skin reacted to the body butters that were supposed to leave it soft and silky smooth? Would you sulk, get mad, complain or share your “stingy parent struggles” on Facebook? Well, for [...]

17 10, 2017

Ushering change in the community through entrepreneurship

2017-10-13T06:00:40+00:00 October 17th, 2017|Articles for Teens|

There are many needs in our communities. Some communities are poverty stricken, full of crime or simply out of touch with the needs of residents. It is easy to list the problems, but that won't change anything. The blame game - no matter how valid - does no good. There is a tool however that is [...]

26 09, 2017

Connor vs McGregor – the biggest fight ever gives hope to many

2017-09-12T09:39:51+00:00 September 26th, 2017|Articles for Teens|

There’s something refreshing about refining your skills to the extent that you are the very best. Your gift, when polished, will bring you before kings, captains of industry and the world at large. At the end of August 2017, the world assembled to watch the much anticipated fight between "Connor vs McGregor". Two internationally acclaimed [...]