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What can you do with R40 and a bunch of Spinach? Ask The Spinach King

What do you see? Perhaps you are down-and-out and clinging to the last cash you've got. The question is what do you see? Do you see yourself forsaken and on the verge of being overwhelmed? Do you see yourself giving in to suicidal tendencies and substance abuse at the prospects of being broke? Or do you dare to see a way out by calling out to the entrepreneurial king/queen within? [...]

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Being the new kid on the block isn’t easy – reach out

If only I had a mentor... These are often the sentiments of young people who long to look up to someone cool. Yet, what if you could be that mentor? Mentoring can start at any age. It is not limited by your height, race, religious beliefs or the lack thereof. Just by welcoming the new kid on the block, you've already embarked in an early form of mentoring. Being the new [...]

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How to be taken seriously as a young entrepreneur

Being a young entrepreneur is not easy. On the one hand, you may feel like you've got this, but can often find yourself disregarded by sponsors and investors because they think you're just a child. So how do you get those around you to take you seriously? You might not believe these tips, but we promise - they are tried and tested. Play Believe it or not, play. What sets [...]

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Job shadowing: The missing link to propelling career development

Job shadowing is when you spend the workday with a professional following them to see what they do, how they do it and perhaps also getting involved as they permit. You become their "shadow" for that period of time. Here are some of the perks that come with job shadowing. Textbooks and all that gibberish comes alive... Job shadowing should ideally be in your prospective career. For many students, job [...]

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We need help to change lives and promote a society?

When the strength of the elders is gone, it is the youth of today who will usher this land into competitive economies and be the creators of world changing innovative ideas. The seeds of wisdom and empowerment we plant today are the very forests that will cover us tomorrow. We need the ones who will step in as foot soldiers as well as those who will propel the funds that [...]

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What do the UN Sustainable Development Goals have to do with you?

There are 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are collectively set to help make our world a better place. What is interesting to note is that they are not just specific for a particular continent or region, but are something all active global citizens can aspire for. What are these 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Goal 1: No Poverty Goal 2: Zero Hunger Goal 3: Good [...]

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5 Life Survival Tips for Young People

The transition from teenager to young adult can be a daunting one, but it’s oh so exciting as well. If you choose to move out, you’ll finally get some space and freedom to come and go as you please. However, that independence brings with it a whole raft of new responsibilities. There’ll be plenty for you to get your head around, whether you’re heading off to university or just ready [...]

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What’s all the fuss about blogging?

Blogs (short for "web logs") have transformed the manner in which we tell stories. Ever since they gained popularity in the 1990s, they have dominated the digital space. Their influence in sharing digital narratives is unmatched. Through blogs, the ordinary consumer can share their personal experience and even become a social media influence. Gone are the days of only hearing what brands had to say and their motivations as to [...]

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Do you have the qualities of a self-made millionaire? 

We dare you to take a look at your current bank balance and add a couple of zeros to it. Actually, add lots of zeros. This may probably be a stretch of imagination to most, but it is the reality of others. Forget dreaming about being a millionaire. While this is cool, South Africans are so over that. According to the "Forbes' 2017 List of the World’s Richest People", at [...]

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If time could speak, what would it say about you?

Time speaks. Youth Month (June) shows us that. We see this with the students who refused to let it be business as usual. In 1976, they took a stand for good, even if it cost them their lives. Looking back, what will be said of you? Will you be remembered for speaking up against injustice or be listed as one of the perpetrators who made your environment toxic? Only you [...]

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How to find inspiration and share it

We all give up along the way. Some persevere, linger for a while then fade away before the finish line. Others dare to find inspiration to keep them going against all odds. Inspiration – be it a sudden aha lightbulb moment – or the process of digging in deep to get much needed mental stimulation to do something; is important. In the same world, some can locate inspiration from the beauty around [...]

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No More Boring Lunches: 5 Lunch Ideas

Are you stuck in a sandwich rut? Many of us eat two slices of bread for lunch every single day filled with boring pieces of cheese and the odd limp slice of tomato. Well, banish those tedious midday meals, there are so many more exciting things you can eat to see you through the afternoon. Here are five lunch-time alternatives to the sandwich that’ll get you excited about food once [...]

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How to Dress to Impress at Your Interview

Interviews are a big deal; they can be the gateway to your dream job or university experience. This means they can also be a bit scary, and most of us can get nervous before interviews and often find them quite intimidating. The trick is to know what’s expected of you and prepare as much as you can. While most of this preparation will be about the content of the interview, [...]

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Too shy to sell, but listen well?

It is a myth that you need to talk non-stop in order to be a good salesperson. An even bigger myth is that shy sellers who are great listeners simply won’t cut it. Entrepreneurs in the know argue that without having the skills to listen well, a great salesperson simply cannot be. It is not so much about being shy or extroverted, but rather the skills you possess. Applying listening [...]

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Give wings to their dreams

We all dream. Scientists argue that this starts from within the womb. Even before birth, we are drawn to a higher, somewhat limitless space where anything can happen. Yet while some teens continue to dream on, a new dimension of teen bosses are changing the game for the community and entrepreneurship space. […]

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Overcoming a lack of self-confidence

“Am I good enough?” – At some point or another, young teens will ask this question or think it within their psyche. One can’t help but wonder if the youthful mind and ambitions can successfully compete with the older moguls and processed minds. […]

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High school to college; the transition from good to great 

What can be better than being a matriculant and/or big shot in high school? It is none other than being a college student. You’ve heard the buzz, but is tertiary really all that? Yes. You can’t compare the two. For once the hype is real. It's all it's cracked out to be. Here’s why. Stuff the [clock] buzzer… In high school you need to wake up early because school starts [...]

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What’s the Big Deal about Scarce Skills?

We all know that unemployment is a massive problem in South Africa. The fact is that even those who are qualified and in possession of impressive degrees and diplomas often struggle to find work. […]

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