Over the last decade or so in South Africa, there has been a massive focus on the encouragement of entrepreneurship, as well as developing the spirit and drive necessary to succeed, within our local youth. That said, this focus often comes about too late. Ultimately, nurturing entrepreneurship learning within a child and teen’s formative years is what will really make the difference later on. As a parent to a child (or children) with blossoming ideas and ambitions, this is what you need to know…

Teach Them about Goal Setting

If the studies are to be believed, by simply writing down the goals that you wish to achieve, you have an 80% higher chance of actually managing to achieve them!

Once you have induced your kids to write down their goals, go the extra mile and help them to come up with a step by step plan of action that will guide them on their journey to making their biggest dreams come true – even if that dream is initially to save up enough money to buy a PlayStation! It’s how they go about doing it that counts.

Show Them How to Recognise Opportunity

This is truly one of the defining characteristics of a great entrepreneur! Teach your kids how to do this by praising them whenever they manage to point out any challenges or problems that they are encountering in their lives. Then take the time to brainstorm potential solutions together.

Not only will this be an excellent bonding opportunity for the two of you, but it will also teach them all about the importance of developing positive solutions to problems, rather than focusing solely on the problems themselves.

Help Them to Develop the Skills They’ll Need

Contrary to popular belief, as long as they receive the right guidance, leaders and entrepreneurs are not born… they’re made! As a parent, you can assist your children in developing important entrepreneurial skills and attributes such as resilience, creativity, resourcefulness, curiosity and self-confidence.

If you would like further assistance when it comes to nurturing your children’s entrepreneurial spirits and ideas, join SA Teen Entrepreneur as a Parent Supporter. You’ll be very glad you did!