Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You-Tube; chances are you have a social media account and/or know someone who does. Teens are notorious for spending extended periods of time online, checking and updating statuses, commenting, tagging and everything in between. What if, rather than just lingering online, you could cash in on your social media? Here are our top tips that just might be worth looking into.

Monetize your You-Tube Channel

If you have mastered the art of funny and/or just pretty darn good viral videos, then you can make money by joining the You-Tube Partner Program which will permit Google to place ads at the start of your videos. Imagine earning an income for doing what you love.

Click your way to the bank

If you are one of those teens who loves taking quality photos, you can sell stock photos. In short, you can sign up for sites like Shutterstock and have users pay to use your pictures for their social media posts, blogs, articles and so forth. A single photo can earn you way over R1 000! Even if you don’t rake in that much for a start, it is definitely worth looking into.

Sell an e-book

An e-book about any genre can sell like hot-cakes. It can be a picture book, cartoon inspired book, novel, instruction guide or pretty much anything of interest to you. You can sell it on platforms like Amazon and use social media to market your e-books and get them going.

From selling your handmade goods like beaded jewellery on social media to cashing in on writing social media content for other people’s posts, and even using affiliate links (where you get paid if people click on your link and make a purchase); there are many ways to cashing in.

Just make sure you speak to an adult you trust before engaging into unknown territory to help you understand the fine print and if it is within the ambit of the law. Do drop us an email on zingonil@teenentrepreneur.co.za to tell us how this article has inspired you to turn your social media know how into extra cash.