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Fellows of the SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation

We recently added a category to our programme, called Fellows of the SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation.  It is our way of acknowledging those young people who have come through our programme, and who are now running successful businesses, but are still giving back by promoting the work of the SA Teen Entrepreneur Trust wherever they go.  Some of our Fellows are ensuring that the Teen Entrepreneur message is reaching young people globally, which means exposure for us on an international platform.

So how does one become a Fellow of the SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation you may ask?

An email application, accompanied by your CV, needs to be made to the Director, Lydia Zingoni, to zingonil@teenentrepreneur.co.za.  The application needs to highlight your entrepreneurial prowess, and how it will add value to the Foundation.  All applications will be evaluated by the Board of Trustees.


Born and raised in South Africa, I am a serial entrepreneur and current undergraduate, economics and political science student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Moreover, I am a SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation Fellow and founder of a non-profit organization: The Litoro Foundation.

As an entrepreneur and young scholar, I am particularly passionate about technology and its application to social problems on the continent of Africa. So in my free time you may find me reading nonfiction literature or watching documentaries on such topics. My other favourite topics to delve into include psychology, behavioral economics, and renewable energy.


After completing the Teen Entrepreneur programme, Jamie Thurston Wyngaard received numerous awards in entrepreneurship, and was awarded the UWC Student Achiever of the Year in 2011.  He currently produces and hosts a Saturday radio show on Bush Radio, called Misfits; he owns a creative consultancy, called The Agency, which specialises in New Media Marketing; he co-owns Shareflix, a service which cuts your Netflix subscription by allowing you to share the service with other enthusiasts; he runs a creative design agency, Lorem Ipsum, which focuses on graphics and website design; and manages a recruitment team with ImpressMe, which helps to link business with suitable candidates for employment.  Jamie can be reached on 081 702 2181/@JT_Wyngaard/Jamie@TheAgency-sa.co.za.