12 Simple Steps to Teen Entrepreneurship

Do you have brilliant ideas that could shape your community and even change the world, or are your entrepreneurial ambitions solely based on making a good living for your family? Either way, your journey as an entrepreneur takes place one step at a time.

The steps to teen entrepreneurship success are all over the internet. You’ve seen them before and you’ll see them again, and again and again. If you are really serious about being a successful entrepreneur, you have to believe that you can succeed and put the whole of your heart into doing just that.

Here’s OUR route map to YOUR success as a teen entrepreneur:

  1. Embrace a Success Mindset
    Believe in yourself and program your mind for success – research possibilities, read the right books, and search for role models. Surround yourself with people you look up to.
  2. Find a Mentor
    A mentor who’s travelled this road before can provide invaluable advice, resources, and encouragement.
  3. Try New Things
    If you’re not sure of your ultimate entrepreneurial destination, try, fail, and try again. You’ll find your place in the world eventually.
  4. Stop Asking for Permission
    As a teenager used to getting approval from others whenever you want to do something.  You don’t need permission to succeed, keep a positive attitude and stick to your guns.
  5. March to Your Own Tune
    By definition, entrepreneurs don’t follow the crowds. Strike out in a different direction, try new things, and embrace the spirit of true innovation.
  6. Get Funding
    There are many people interested in investing in young entrepreneurs. Venture investors are popularly called ‘’Angel investors’’ and their sole aim is to encourage youthful ideas.
    Use the internet to find them, reach out to them and get them invested in your idea.
  7. Be Penny-wise
    When you eventually get funding for your business, spend every cent wisely. You must make it last long enough for your investor to see results.
  8. Look for Learning Opportunities
    There’s a good chance you don’t have the experience you need to thrive in business. Get it by volunteering or finding a part-time job. There’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of business than by immersing yourself in it. Ask questions, look for learning opportunities online, and never stop learning.
  1. Grow Your Passion
    Passion breeds commitment, so never let the thrill of your entrepreneurial journey fade. Carry out every trivial step along the way with enthusiasm and conviction.
  2. Network, Network, Network
    You’re never too young to meet and mingle with successful people who can help you grow your business. Get involved in your intended industry and start building your reputation.
  3. Be Brave
    It takes courage to put your ideas out there and face the risk associated with starting a business. Take risks when you encounter them, but make sure you base these on research and advice from your mentors. When you face your uncertainties, you open the door for opportunity
  1. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
    Learn the art of goal setting, it’s the best way to get where you’re going– one step at a time. You can use these small achievements as milestones to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Reading articles like this and signing up with Teen Entrepreneur is an important part of your exciting journey. Get on board now, earn while you learn and discover the tools you need to succeed.