Here is your chance to advertise your business on Teen Entrepreneur in 2015.

  1. Website: moving window on home page: R2500 per month (you produce and provide your own artwork)
  2. Twitter: R25 per tweet a day throughout your campaign (you produce and provide your own artwork)
  3. Facebook: Cover page adverts for events or products exposure: R1250 per week (you produce and provide your own artwork)
  4. Monthly E-Newsletter adverts: Page R3400, Half R2500 and Quarter Page R1800 (Planned issues Feb, March and monthly onwards)
  5. Banner adverts at the Awaken the Giant in You Breakfast events:
    (a) E-banner R5000, Pull-up Banner R4500 (proceeds of this goes to expenses of the breakfast where teenagers are invited to listen to great entrepreneurs)
    (b) Product distribution at breakfast : R5000
    (c) Table advert at Breakfast event: R4500

All proceeds will go to sponsoring and bridging teenagers course registration fees on our seminars

For more information please fill in your details below and we will contact you.