9 02, 2015

Internships meet the needs of business and grads

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Internships are becoming increasingly popular in the working world, both for graduates looking to gain working experience, and for businesses looking for more hands on deck. In this article, we share a story of IT company owner, Nirvesh Sooful of African Ideas, and GAP intern Mapaseka Dipale who are both benefiting from internship.

9 10, 2014


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The vision of SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation which was formed in 2011 is to cultivate and promote the entrepreneurial spirit in all South African teenagers, whilst still at school...

20 03, 2014

Local is Lekka : Cape Town Outshines the rest

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Is it the sea air or the ‘weave your own clobber’ badge of cool?  Or could it be the mountains that like make me just wanna climb bru”.  Here’s the thing - where you aware that Cape Town has the auspicious title of most entrepreneurial city in South Africa? With Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Activity (referring to [...]

14 08, 2013

Become a Teen Entrepreneur

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Teen Entrepreneur Foundation has launched its membership program. With over 18million Teenagers in South Africa, Teen Entrepreneur Foundation will aim to connect with all teenagers who believe that they have what it takes to develop their talents, passions and energy to create a better world for all. With its many training opportunities, members will be [...]

14 08, 2013

Corporate Membership

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This opportunity is open to all corporates who have an interest in developing young entrepreneurs. There are 3 Categories of corporate membership - Gold Premium: R250,000 per Year. Benefits for this class of membership are huge. 1) Your Company logo and brief preamble will be featured in all our marketing 2) You Company will have [...]