Why are teens perfectly poised to start a business?

Forget the cliché, all teenagers are the same. They all want to check their Facebook status all day, watch TV and snapchat their buds. Not so fast.

In fact, four in 10 people between the ages of eight and 21 dream of starting their own businesses one day, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. 26 percent of all young people agree that starting a business is much more desirable than other career opportunities they might have down the road.

Teenagers and kids in general have a mental edge because they don’t know what they can’t do. While they may lack experience, the younger they start, the more wisdom and experience they will accumulate over time.

It seems that the best business ideas for teens typically involve simple, realistic and attainable options such as babysitting or mowing the lawn. It’s not uncommon for them to pull in some big money with both options. These types of low cost businesses typically require very little initial capital and the resources like dads lawnmower is often right under their noses.

So what’s the low down on the “six in 10” people that will make them open their eyes to entrepreneurial opportunities and motivate them to shift the stats? Often underestimated is the teen’s ability to leverage their strengths. Teens are natural gadget guru’s giving them the edge in creating other innovative products and services. For example, starting a computer repair business. Lets’ face it there are many adults who can barely boot up their computers let alone deal with viruses.

Teens are also skilled at knowing how to target young people. To speak the lingo and to possibly see the ‘gap in cool’. With the knowledge teens have about Twitter and Facebook, they are immediately in the serving line for a business start up.

Furthermore teens are at a unique point in their lives since many live at home with their parents resulting in little overheads. This allows them to keep their prices very low and still make a profit.

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