Whoooooooooo Are You?

Nope this is not a re-run of CSI but rather an analysis of you! Feeling edgy and under the microscope? Cool coz you are a fascinating breed and it’s all we’re interested in at teen entrepreneur. Brace yourself however as you never know this could get ugly.

So in the hope that I don’t get a duh! response to the following statement, it has to be said, if there’s anything on earth a teen loves more, it’s moola. Today’s average, hip and happening teen wants to get everything fancy that comes their way. Besides the latest fashion, they love shopping and expensive gadgets like laptops, iPods and phones. Gone are the days when one waited for the phone to ring. How lame! It’s all about instant communication gratification.

It’s reported that the average teen does not want to work for the money that they instead expect the world (mom and pops) to give them everything for free. Ah come oh, but life’s a paaaar-ty handbrake. And that’s what we wanna do 24-7.

But let’s not diss this bunch of hormonal, passionate, savvy, sharp future business owners too quickly. It’s certainly an easy option to dismiss them as ungrateful, arrogant and self indulged baby bros. Did today’s adults have it all figured out as teens. I think not. In fact it’s annoying the older I get to hear people say things like “the youth of today” and then launch into a seriously jaded, in my opinion, rant about how perfect they were as youngsters. Nonsense!

It’s interesting how one can twist a reality to suit ones’ own agenda. Lets’ take three statements for example that may for arguments sake appear in a daily newspaper. All teenagers are the same these days as they don’t want to work for their money. They demand instant communication gratification and their best is to party.

All three comments could be positive or negative. So they don’t want to work for their money – hooray. They have figured out a way of making others work for them. Oh how awful. They demand instant communication gratification – well, good on them that’s the world of today. And the sin of sin, they like to party. Well, wouldn’t you if you had a sound business under your belt; celebrate your success.

Teens it’s your time!

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