OMG you’re looking at me?

Yup, parents it’s your turn. The spotlight is firmly on you in a supportive, nurturing kind of way, so don’t disappear and watch the telly or go for a run. We need your focused attention and commitment to partner this teen bunch on their journey.

The family has the potential to be the primary breeding ground where the entrepreneurial spirit is ignited.

There are plenty of ways to teach your child to be entrepreneurial. What’s most important more than any one particular skill is that your child develops a passion for entrepreneurship. If you love something and are passionate about it then you’ll put in the work necessary to succeed. If you want your child to become a successful entrepreneur, teach them about entrepreneurship in a way that is fun and interesting.

Allow problem solving to become a habit in your home. If there is a problem such as soggy sarmies in their lunchbox, maybe brainstorm solutions with them that can solve this problem. Perhaps someday one of these solutions can be translated into a business.

If you can, get them involved in your business that’s an added advantage. Allow them to attend the odd meeting or go on a site visit. Ask their opinion as to how they would manage a certain situation. Or allow them to spend some time with your accountant or in the market place or at an event.

Often the simplest actions such as sorting old toys, maybe repairing them and selling them at a garage sale could be all the start they need. From there, open a bank account for them and allowing them to deposit their earnings. Step two could involve withdrawing some of those funds from their bank and purchasing items that could repair another set of old toys that they can then re-sell.

It’s not rocket science but it does take some cognizant thought on your part. Just like the pre-school teacher encouraged you to reinforce counting with your little ones – this is now your chance to guide and mould them for a new skill set.


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