You Can’t Just ‘Gooi’!

So how come my wonderfully creative idea now needs to be tweaked and fiddled with? I’m sure it’s gonna be a hit. I dig it, others will too, I just wanna get going. Gooi : South African slang for ‘to do something with no thought for the consequences/to go in blind’

Easy tiger! While enthusiasm is great and a positive attitude key, the reality is that every inspiring idea does not necessarily make it from creative concept to the real deal. There’s more to being a successful entrepreneur than having a great idea. Yup, quiet time at the drawing board is a must.

One has to have a clear plan that will transform your idea into reality; to lay the foundation for your business and to determine how it will tick. So what is this ticket to success? Let me introduce you to your new best mate, the Business Plan. It’s almost like a safety plan if you like to give you a clear direction – to wrap the whole idea into a workable reality.

In simple terms it’s a written plan (do not underestimate the power of writing things down) that states what your idea is, your goals and your approach for putting them into action.

It shows you have a purpose and that you are taking your business seriously. That you have done your homework and you have a clear vision of where your idea/business is headed. This will become even more important going forward as your plan becomes more formalised with more detail, enabling you to present to potential investors, collaborators etc.

The plan is also a perfect opportunity to allow you pause for thought to maybe realise that your current product or idea is not as hot as you had initially anticipated, but with a different approach it could be. It may take you down a different path than first realised as you adapt and modify the finer details. A business plan may have several drafts over time and is a living breathing record of the road ahead.

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