What are the advantages of online learning?

COVID-19 has really thrust online learning and its many advantages into the spotlight, helping everyone, both young and old, to continue expanding on their knowledge despite the many negative consequences of the pandemic, such as a need for social distancing. Below, we highlight just a few online learning benefits and share how young entrepreneurs can grow their skillset digitally by joining the SA Teen Entrepreneur community and signing up to #learn2earn @247teenbiz via our free online learning academy.

A supplement to traditional education

The great thing about online learning is that it can stand alone or it can act as a supplement to traditional education, helping students to fill those gaps, revise, and seek support should they ever need it.

Faster learning

Instead of following the pace as set out by a teacher inside a traditional classroom, online learners usually have the advantage of being able to progress through course material at their own pace – as fast or as slowly as their schedule allows.

Quality of the course

Online learning has come a long way since the start of the pandemic and it’s safe to say that the quality of most online courses has significantly improved.


With digital learning, students can learn anytime and anywhere, maximising the convenience factor and opening up a world of new opportunities to those who might not have had access to them in-person.

Online learning with SA Teen Entrepreneur

A quick test on our Teen Entrepreneurs’ Online Academy platform will help you to see just how entrepreneurial you really are. Once completed and signed in you’ll gain access to a variety of resources for support and guidance when it comes to developing a solid business idea, as well as advice in starting and nurturing your own business.

We believe that “Big Dreams Start Young” which is why we take our online learning to market by offering a free platform for Teens in Business . Be like Sipho Sendalo, Tiou from Nuts & Biscuits or Olwethu and Qhamani’s Bin Cleaning Services who all chose to boost their small business online with Teens in Business.

Now’s the time to take the plunge and shine like the entrepreneur that you are!

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