Nobody is born an entrepreneur, and nobody starts a business where success is guaranteed, and yet success is what motivates us all to strive to do better. It all takes lots of planning, hard work, dedication, and the 5 P’s of entrepreneurial success. Here they are…


How can you possibly achieve something great if you don’t know what you’re working towards? Goal setting and a thorough understanding of the purpose of your business is critical. Why have you started your business? What problem are you hoping to solve? How do you intend to go about solving it?


Success never happens overnight, no matter how epic your business idea may be. Stay focused and patient and keep putting in the work. It will eventually pay off, no matter how small the steps that you’re taking.


Failure at some point is inevitable, but it’s not failure that should define you as an entrepreneur or your business. What defines both you and your business is how you let failure affect the future. Will you get back up and put the lessons learned to good use? Or will you crack under pressure and throw in the towel?


Your customers aren’t going to be impressed with a dirty shop or late deliveries. Always maintain professionalism and be sure to consistently adapt to suit your customers’ evolving wants and needs.


A great entrepreneur ensures that he or she is prepared to tackle any challenge or problem that may present along the way. Contingency planning (all your what-ifs) should be a priority to safeguard the longevity of your establishment, particularly from a financial perspective.

Online Programs for Entrepreneurial Success

Traditional education has evolved radically over the last few years with the revolution of online educational programmes playing a crucial role when access to a physical classroom is impossible. In situations of unrest or a pandemic such as we are currently experiencing, having access to online learning is all part of your preparedness and planning.

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