All about Digital Marketing for Young Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing 101 is more important than ever before in the wake of the pandemic. Nowadays almost everyone investigates products and services online before making a purchase.

Everybody needs digital marketing, and these are the basics of digital marketing for young entrepreneurs you should take to heart.

A Mobile Optimisation Strategy is Crucial

Mobile search dominates the digital landscape in modern times. Nobody needs to search for information on their desktops anymore now they have the internet in the palm of their hands

This is especially true in South Africa, where few people own a desktop or laptop computer.

Prioritise making your website responsive to mobile search or you’re missing out on major markets.

Most free website building tools allow you to create and manage mobile-friendly websites easily and quickly.

SEO is Alive and Kicking

People use keywords to search for information online, period. There is no way you can attract customers unless you know what they’re typing into the search engines.

It’s vital to optimise all your website around keywords related to your product or service.

Keywords aren’t everything though, SEO is a multi-faceted concept, so make sure you read up on all the best and latest tips to bring your website to the attention of your customers.

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs Goes Beyond PPC ads

Pay-per-click advertising isn’t the best solution for all your digital marketing needs. Potential customers need more…

There are many other more affordable methods to draw attention to your website. Social media is a very effective, and free, way to market your business and a great place to get started with a fledgeling business.

Content Will Always Be King

Google’s latest algorithm prioritises good quality useful content. So, set up a blog on your website and wow your potential client with your know-how.

You can use ‘how-to’ blogs, infographics, videos, and guest posts from experts in your field to build quality content for your site and advertise your efforts on social media.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Has a Big Impact

When you get a visitor to your website, it’s vital that they do something for you. Whether it’s filling out a form, signing up for emails, or buying a product.

CRO means maximising these website activities to encourage engagement, keep customers updated, and advertise your products to them via email.

One way to get potential customer’s details is by offering them something for free in return. You can try an e-book, a voucher, or a gift.

Get creative and get those email addresses so you can maximise your online efforts.

Staying on Top of the Digital Realm

By reading this article, you’ve taken the first steps towards marketing your business in the new age.

Remember, the online environment is ever-evolving, so keep researching to find the best tips on digital marketing for entrepreneurs, and never stop learning.