There are many reasons for starting a business. People become entrepreneurs for fame, riches, power, flexibility and many other reasons. Yet, there are those companies that are in it for the long run because they believe in ideals that no amount of propaganda or qualifications can teach you.

We’re proud to have the most dedicated partners, which include, but are not limited to Shoprite Checkers, Sage Foundation, Transnet, Department of Education, Department of Trade and Industry, City of Cape Town, EM Solutions, Cape Town Rotary Club, Back-a-Buddy, The River Club, Tsogo Sun and more. Click here to view the extended list of our sponsors.

Here are the top three most profound lessons we’ve learnt from our sponsors regarding entrepreneurship that every aspiring entrepreneur should live by.

  1. Birth your way out

We often find that a lot of our sponsors continue to give back to the community, especially when the economy is under pressure. They don’t hold back, but use their fear of failure to encourage them to press forward. When they hit their lowest moments; they re-group, merge, diversity, refocus, fortify brittle strategies and birth new solutions that enable them to get back up again.

  1. Superior knowledge will always give you an unmatched advantage

Even though they have been around for some time, many of our sponsors still take time to engage with their communities, to ask how they can be of assistance. They don’t simply contribute money, but also get involved, conduct research and send their staff for various training initiatives to empower them further.

  1. Giving is far greater than receiving

Unlike an NGO, a business places a lot of emphasis on profitability. Make no mistake, while it is important to make money and come up with strategies to outshine competitors; our sponsors do just that, but they also recognise the value of giving back to the communities that support them.

In conclusion, we all need each other. A society such as ours simply cannot make lasting footprints of change without the support of our sponsors. Together we can go so much further. The value of sponsorship is something that will be reaped in this lifetime and perhaps future generations yet unborn. We’re open and ready to form partnerships that will better the lives of our youth. Get in touch with us.