South Africa is a country chockfull of potential for greatness. Our youth is especially talented and hungry for growth. The only thing missing from the mix? Solid, knowledgeable mentors who are always at the ready to steer these driven, ambitious youngsters in the right direction.

Here at SA Teen Entrepreneur, we are focused on our goal of helping passionate, capable young people blossom into successful entrepreneurs. We are always on the look-out for help from the community to aid us in realising this goal.

Are you a curious person? Do you love being generous with your time, knowledge and leadership? Do you enjoy helping others? If so, it sounds as though you would make a champion facilitator!

What is a Champion Facilitator?

A champion facilitator is someone who ‘champions’ or leads our ever-growing high school entrepreneurs societies. The main aim of these societies is to recruit members from the school who are interested in learning and empowering themselves on entrepreneurship values and to organise events that promote entrepreneurship in schools and communities around the school.

The diverse societies are dedicated to helping young, ambitious people realise their true potential and learn as much as they possibly can about transforming their ideas into reality, and powering a successful business.

The SA Teen Entrepreneur team offers special training to our champion facilitators, equipping them with the information and guidance necessary to make the entrepreneur society which they lead, as valuable to its members as possible.

If you would like more details about becoming a champion facilitator, kindly email Nadia Snyders or call 021 795 0566.