A thought leader. Someone who is respected as an authority in a specialised field and whose expertise is trusted and sought after. Thought leaders are dedicated to their craft and helping others learn more about it. If you would like to become a thought leader in 2019, here’s how to get started.

Share Your Knowledge and Views

The digital realm provides wannabe thought leaders with the perfect platform when it comes to sharing their knowledge and views with the world. Consider starting your own blog or social media page and spend time creating content that is likeable, shareable and relatable.

Offer Advice

If you are a member of groups on Facebook, for instance, or if you’re a member of a club at school, never be afraid to offer up advice when it is asked for. Soon, you will become the go-to person for questions and concerns related to the specialty field, whether it is chess, rugby or a teen entrepreneurs society.

Engage with Others

There is no better way in which to establish yourself as a thought leader than to actively engage with others and share those pertinent thoughts! Engage with people interested in your area of specialisation as often as you can. Online or in person, the more you engage the more quickly you will build up a reputation as an expert on the subject.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

Thought leaders are exactly that – leaders. They have their own opinions and never shy away from ‘going against the grain’. If you feel strongly about something, don’t think twice about taking a stand and making sure that your voice is heard.

Thought leaders are sure to find value in joining their high school’s entrepreneur society and making a difference. Your school doesn’t have one yet? You have the power to change that! Register your school to join on our website now or contact us for more info: 021 795 0566.