As a result of the COVID pandemic, students from around the country (and the world, for that matter) now have access to new ways of learning. The virtual classroom is expanding, and it brings with it a number of exciting opportunities for skill development and growth. Here are just a few of the notable benefits associated with the digital classroom.

Anytime access

Unlike traditional classrooms which operate according to timetables, the virtual classroom is accessible anytime, anywhere, and using practically any device.

Greater freedom

When you study online, you have the power to work according to your own schedule. There will always be deadlines for assignments and specific days set aside for examinations, but more often than not, you will be able to access lessons and course content whenever it suits you.

Improved digital skills

For obvious reasons, digital and IT skills are in huge demand right now. In fact, most jobs require applicants to have excellent computer skills, and these skills are obviously also crucial for anyone with dreams of starting their own business. Embracing the digital economy and online trading is a must for small business survival during the times of COVID and beyond.


Most online courses taken in the digital classroom are infinitely cheaper than those that you might take at a traditional campus, plus you save on transport costs and time.

Introducing the SA Teen Entrepreneur online academy

Are you keen to sharpen your skills and knowledge as a young entrepreneur? The SA Teen Entrepreneur online academy is officially open and ready to help! You have the chance to register to learn as an individual, with your friends, or with your school.

Aside from boosting your credentials, there is another incentive to join the academy – TSIRU. TSIRU is the academy’s digital currency. All academy participants will earn 10 ‘TSIRU’ for each module that they complete, culminating in 100 TSIRU, which equates to R100. TSIRU earned can be traded for a variety of amazing prizes via our online shop or at any one of our participating corporate partners.