Technology is everywhere. Think about it – you are awoken by the alarm on your smartphone and the first thing you probably do before getting up to make your morning coffee is scroll through your newsfeed on your various social media accounts. You go to work or school and probably spend time studying and researching using computers, only to come home and do the same thing amidst playing video games, watching television, and WhatsApp-ing or Skyping your friends.

Technology dominates every waking hour and teaches us to multi-task, boosting productivity and opening up a whole new world of opportunities. Furthermore, technology is constantly transforming and adapting to the needs and desires of the global community.

Considering how much technology has evolved over the last decade, who knows what the type of tech that we use every day will look like in five, 10, or 20 years’ time?

SA Teen Entrepreneur is embracing the power of technology

We are in the process of harnessing the power of technology to create a versatile and responsive entrepreneurial platform to further aid us in doing more, and in continuing to make a massive difference for the youth of South Africa.

The platform has been in its development phase for the majority of 2019 and we’re really excited with how it is coming along. Despite a lack of funding being the main challenge standing in its way of completion, we have concluded the initial foundations for the registration and organisation of schools, learners, and societies online.

From early 2020, through a process of user feedback and adjustment, we will strive to tailor-make a platform which is best suited to meet the needs of young entrepreneurs across South Africa irrespective of their geographic location. Just a little bit further to go… we’re nearly ready to click the “go-live” button, so watch this space!

If you would like to assist us in completing the project and maximising our efforts, please consider making a donation. Every cent counts!