8 12, 2016

Guiding our Youth – Are you Mentor Material?

Life skills have to be learnt and a good mentor acts as a transition in guiding youth from adolescence into adulthood, something that often gets left behind as school leavers move on with their lives. Whether a young teen is already confident and feels comfortable expressing himself / herself in […]

20 10, 2016

Parents – Nurturing Your Teen Entrepreneur

As a parent, you’ll already have figured out that there are pros and cons to having an entrepreneurially-minded child. They tend to think (and act) big and out the box, which is a wonderful thing, so long as they also remain rooted in reality. Here’s how to support them:

Encourage their […]

22 07, 2016

Mandela Day has been and gone, what comes next?

There is life outside South Africa. Rest assured, Mzansi (South Africa) is home and the pulse of who we are. Virtues of tolerance from living in a Rainbow Nation with 11 official languages and yet one voice, make those who call this land home, a people matched to no other.

Yet […]

1 06, 2016

Do schools really nurture creativity?

Much has been said about school systems in general and how effective they are in preparing learners for “the real world.” One such timeless talk – which is still as relevant today as it was about a decade ago when it was made, was given by Sir Ken Robinson. He […]

24 03, 2016

Parent mobilises entrepreneurial high school societies

What will you do to protect your children? Everything. What will it take to prepare your teens to be financially independent entrepreneurs? Whatever is required! When will the change commence and who will propel it? Only you as a parent can answer that question.

South Africa’s unemployment rate in the first […]

1 03, 2016

Young entrepreneurs you just have to know

Most of us are familiar with the name Mark Zuckerberg, one of the wealthiest people in the world who started Facebook when he was a young college student. If, on the other hand you are more of a music fundi – a Justin Bieber (or rather a Bielieber) fan – […]

25 02, 2016

Why are teens perfectly poised to start a business?

Forget the cliché, all teenagers are the same. They all want to check their Facebook status all day, watch TV and snapchat their buds. Not so fast.

In fact, four in 10 people between the ages of eight and 21 dream of starting their own businesses one day, according to a […]

16 02, 2016

Timeless stats from a stroll down entrepreneurial ally

“Books gives you balls!” or so says Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Kwenta Media in an interview for Teen Entrepreneur. According to Nawaal, it is absolutely important for the youth of South Africa to familiarise themselves with entrepreneurship while they are still in school. Entrepreneurial subjects and […]

10 02, 2016

3 steps to move towards realizing your dreams

Everyone has dreams and goals in life. Some people may call it vision. If you do not have a vision it is almost impossible to achieve anything in life. But the question is: are you actively working towards realizing your dreams? The truth is, if you want your dreams to […]

4 02, 2016

The 5 Life Lessons Every Teen Entrepreneur Can Learn at Home

As parents of teen entrepreneurs, many of us spending a lot of time thinking of ways to better prepare our teenagers for their future.

There are several life lessons that parents can use to prepare the next generation of budding business people for success. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur […]