Ubuntu is all about humanity. It is so much more than a buzzword; Ubuntu is what makes us distinctly South African. Ubuntu combines heart, mind and words to uplift others.

True to the ideals of Ubuntu, the SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation considers all people equal and chooses to lend a helping hand by propagating for teen entrepreneurship, even when it is against the grain.

Strength in unity

In a bid to propel the transformative spirit and culture of entrepreneurship in schools, SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation founded the Association of South African High School Entrepreneurs Societies to be custodians of school societies. By collectively uniting, individual societies can arise in unified power and benefit from the collective knowledge, skills and insight that comes from being associated with the foundation.

Forerunners in disseminating entrepreneurial values

Entrepreneur societies in schools are exposed to well-established entrepreneurship values, mentors and events that uplift teen entrepreneurship. The societies serve as a melting pot where businesses, churches and communities can get involved to help our future leaders.

Even before it became common to join leading minds together to foster progress in establishing young job creators in the making; SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation was already propagating entrepreneurship, benchmarked with other African countries. We have footprints of excellence across South Africa and have planted seeds that will blossom in the future to shelter us all.

A call has risen that it should not just end with schools, but be extended to the workplace and universities. The call has gone out into the atmosphere. We are willing and ready. Contact us today.