When the strength of the elders is gone, it is the youth of today who will usher this land into competitive economies and be the creators of world changing innovative ideas.

The seeds of wisdom and empowerment we plant today are the very forests that will cover us tomorrow. We need the ones who will step in as foot soldiers as well as those who will propel the funds that keep the efforts going.

Let it be You

We need help. We need funding. We need material support. We need your prayers. Oh how we need encouragement to fortify our skills and teachings to stand relentlessly.

There comes a time when hands get worn out. Yet even then, the vision before us is clearer than we have ever heard it. We cannot stop. There is so much hope for the youth of our nation. Africa can be saved. Our economy can arise to greater heights and serve as a beacon of light for the world.

It all begins with lighting the fire of one youth at a time. If you hear this call resound in your core, then please get in touch.

Big and small are most welcome to get involved

Perhaps your heart and head is conflicted as to whether you can make a difference. Yes, you can. We are not just calling out to big organisations, but even startups and small businesses. Individuals too, including the old and young. Maybe you are running a small confectionary and can’t donate your time or money, but can donate cupcakes or a goodie-bag gift for our workshops and breakfasts. We would be most appreciative and lovingly receive it.

What is the price for investing hope, resources and inspiration to the next generation? Together we can plant that tree right now. It will grow. It will shelter us all.

Let us not give up hope. Things will not always be this way. Please, pleaseĀ consider partnering with us. Our hearts are sold out to uplifting teen entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We cannot do it without you. Our children and youth societies are counting on you. Here is a call to partner with us. Answer it. Please.