Every page-turner starts somewhere. In many instances, successful people were not born with that innate ability to win. In order to foster talent they often need to be sharpened by mentors and committed organisations around them.

Similarly, a seed is no good unless it is planted in rich, nourished soil with sunlight, water and oxygen. For the most part, you cannot do it alone. You need strong elements around you in order to flourish.

Why you mustn’t go at it alone

  • Lone rangers are prone to fatigue
  • Well-reputable organisations can have established funding structures
  • The benefits of a mentor can make all the difference
  • You can’t learn lots when you are surrounded with like-minded peers
  • You miss out on opportunities, events and knowledge transfers in organisations

Join organisations that foster talent in the leaders of an unknown future

“Our world is changing. You are no longer in a position where you prepare for a job, work it your whole life and retire. You don’t know if your job will exist in 10 or 15 years’ time. The issue now is how do you teach a child to think differently from a young age? That means your schooling has to change,” says Pascal Fröhlicher, Entrepreneur and Impact Investor.

Local artist and entrepreneur Cromwell Modungwa resounds similar sentiments. Even as a little boy, he knew he wanted to entertain and have the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. He’s now a part of several well-known bands which include Tru Expression and Voices for Joy. According to Cromwell, nothing beats joining a strong support network that can help you to push your dreams.

“Observation, observation, observation…

Kids show their talent and gifts from an infant stage, but you need to foster the talent. They can be attracted to certain instruments, dance or talk a lot. That’s when you know a child would be a performer or writer. Take them to a performing arts class at a young age and as they grow older, they will have their identity,” says Cromwell to aspiring teen entrepreneurs and their parents.

The importance of mentorship, the impartation of knowledge and being groomed from an early age, cannot be overemphasised. If you want to join in a network of fellow teen entrepreneurs and be trained on how to pitch, write business plans, refine your product and/or service; then you should join Teen Entrepreneurs today! Your award-winning future self may thank you for it.