Will You Be at the Grand Finale?

Perhaps you’ve admired Vusi Thembekwayo for his public speaking prowess – he was recently named one of the top 12 international speakers, adding to his other incredible achievements, or entrepreneurial thought leader Rapelang Rabana, co-founder of Yeigo Communications and recently chosen as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, or even Siyabulela Xuza, who developed an energy-efficient rocket fuel. You may think they’re one in a million in South Africa, and it’s certainly true that they are trailblazers who have had the courage to follow their dreams.

They’re not the only ones out there though. In fact, there are plenty of other young entrepreneurs in South Africa, all of them looking for new and exciting ways to do things. On Saturday 22 Oct you have the opportunity to meet some of them at the Grand Finale of the Teen Entrepreneur Breakfast Series.

Throughout this year, more than 200 learners from 7 schools across the Cape have been working through a pilot programme that equips them to grab hold of their bright futures with both hands. From the academic side of things and brainstorming groups, through to practical application such as testing the viability of ideas and raising funding, they’ve been honing their dreams, growing in confidence and networking with others who also think out of the box.

The Grand Finale honours everyone for their participation, as they’ve worked together to find sustainable solutions to challenges in their communities and also come up with some truly inspired business ideas. Former Cabinet Minister, Mr Trevor Manuel, will be the guest speaker, handing out certificates and prizes to top achievers. Everyone is a winner though, simply through being part of the programme and having learned and grown from the process.

With the great success of the pilot programme, the programme will be expanding to other areas across the Western Cape. Want to join them?

If you’d like to attend the event and get inspired (parents are welcome too), register here.

If your school isn’t yet part of the High Schools Entrepreneur Society programme, bring it to the attention of your teachers. After all, there are probably other young entrepreneurs at your school who could all benefit from working together to make their dreams become a reality. It’s amazing how far you can go when you’re part of a group of inspired young people, all wanting to make a difference in the world!

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