Top 3 yucky teen inventions

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; if you think teen entrepreneurship is limited to lemonade stands, then you are completely in the dark. Teen entrepreneurs are rising to convert trash, poop and even pee into cash.

These inventions are from ordinary teens like you, in Africa and other continents, who dared to apply their minds to doing something different. We hope they inspire you to cash in on the ordinary (and even yucky) stuff around you. Here is our list of the ultimate gross teen inventions of all time.

Giving trash a voice

African born Kelvin Doe, a teen from Sierra Leone used the junk around him to come up with a transistor radio. His dumpster dives and inventions (which he started making from age 4) afforded him an opportunity to leave his country to learn from leading minds in America. Click here to watch his inspirational video.

Cashing in on poop

So often we are used to seeing stuff around us, but rarely do we ask ourselves what can we do with it? Two teens from Indonesia, Dwi Nailul Izzah and Rintya Aprianti Miki came up with an environmentally friendly air freshener that scooped them first prize in their country’s Science Project Olympiad. The young women concocted a surprisingly pleasant herbal smelling air freshener from cow dung which they had collected from a nearby cattle farm. Free of toxins, the dung is distilled over seven days and mixed with coconut water to produce a pure cow poop air freshener which the girls intend to patent and bring to the market.

Power pee

Right here, on the African continent, four Nigerian teen girls came up with a pee powered energy generator. Taking a step against the so-called “Dark Continent”, their invention can source up to six hours of power from a litre of urine. This invention proves yet again that invention and entrepreneurship is within our means.

If you just let your imagination run world you will be surprised by the number of uses you can find in other peoples trash. There are so many perks for starting your business today and not simply waiting for “someday” when you’re older. There’s not a moment to spare, start today.

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