Top 25 ways to making your first R1

Many teens, leaders and parents come to this platform in search of advice on entrepreneurship and practical ways in which to make money. One question we often get in the feedback sessions at our many initiatives, is that after all the training, all the motivation and ideas; how do you actually get started in making that first Rand?

Regardless of where you live, what school you are enrolled in, even whether or not the school has a Teen Entrepreneurs Society, how you set out to make that first R1 matters little to Teens. What does matter is that you are keen. It would seem that teen readers want to make it happen in spite of all the limitations set upon them.

We at Teen Entrepreneur are for all aspiring the young entrepreneurs. In reply to the many messages that we receive on social media, via email and in person, we have compiled a list of our top 25 ways of making that first bit of money. All it takes is that first R1 to get you motivated and encouraged to make another and another.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

#25 Write a book and sell it on Amazon
#24 Buy something at a good price and sell it online at a higher price
#23 Make and sell throw/scatter pillows
#22 Start a cleaning business
#21 Start a grave cleaning business (remove weeds, clean and put fresh flowers on graves)
#20 Charge to write funeral obituaries
#19 Babysit
#18 Plant sit (water people’s plants when they are on vacation)
#17 Bake and sell
#16 Start a chocolate business (mold melted choc, flavor, package and sell)
#15 Start a teen magazine
#14 Organize events and charge entrance fee
#13 Sell popcorn
#12 Make beaded jewelry and sell it at a flea market or to friends
#11 Google how to make blogs and websites and charge for making them for others (you can even  sell the ones you made to others)
#10 Start a book exchange club and collect membership fees
#9 Generate income from freelance writing work
#8 Assemble your friends and start a gardening service
#7 Watch YouTube and learn how to design apps and then design your own
#6 Become a virtual assistant
#5 Charge to type up documents
#4 Offer transcription services (listen to meetings/speeches and type them up)
#3 Become a voice over artiste
#2 Photography business
#1 Car advertising business (companies pay you to brand your car and have you drive around in it)

Making it big – within the law

Whatever you do, always make sure that your safety comes first and you are within the ambit of the law. If you have your own ideas and would love to have someone in industry help you refine them to make them work for you, then you should become a teen entrepreneur.

There are many leading examples of people who made it happen against all odds. The first step is to find someone who has created their own success and inspires you. Feed off them, talk to them, ask them. Let them teach you the tricks of the trade and help you to grow. It is important because they can help you avoid mistakes and you can benefit from their networking databases and expertise. Teen Entrepreneur can help to connect you with trustworthy mentors looking to guide someone like you.

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