The Difference between Mentors and Coaches

When it comes to inspiring young minds and helping to develop important leadership and entrepreneurial skills, both mentors and coaches have a very important role to play. Let’s clear up some questions before they arise and take a look at the main differences, as well as the main similarities, that exist between them.

Mentors are natural nurturers and trusted advisors

As a rule of thumb, mentors tend to forge longer lasting relationships with their students, providing guidance in terms of all aspects of life and business; whereas relationships between coaches and students generally have a set duration and are geared towards developing a particular skill within a specific area of focus.

Coaches are teachers and supporters

Along with this, when mentors meet with their mentees, it will often be in an informal setting where the mentee will ask for advice or request to be taught something in particular. Meetings with coaches, on the other hand, will usually take place at set times and for set durations, and there will be a pre-determined aim of the meeting to achieve very specific goals.

All in all, both coaches and mentors will each have excellent experience in the areas in which their students show the most interest and will have a number of inspirational stories to tell. They keep students motivated, help them to grow, and provide them with the tools that they will need to reach their full potential in the future.

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