The land issue (and what that’s got to do with you)

Speaking to world leaders and investors in New York during the month of September 2018, our South African President Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed that the expropriation of land without compensation was on the cards. He, however, reassured the captains of industry that it would be done responsibly and in a manner that tried to do no harm to the economy and food security.

This is a sensitive issue that has South Africans and the international community talking non-stop. It has become one of those topics peeps discuss at the dinner table and lunch breaks, with opinions for and against this move. As a budding teen entrepreneur, you can do so much more than just comment. Here’s what you rightfully should and should not do.


Do prepare by upping your skills accordingly. Educate yourself and invest in related skills. You can look into areas like agriculture, green farming, property law, sustainable food security, farm security and so forth. Think of how you can capitalise on this to create jobs and come up with win-win innovative ideas.


Don’t panic! Don’t stir up violence or engage in illegal activities. Don’t miss an opportunity to apply your mind and come up with solutions. This is a time in the history of our country that will be remembered for decades to come. You can be counted as one of those who didn’t make things worse, but helped to find a way out.

Now is the time for the leader in you to arise. Your nation needs you! Overcome a lack of self-confidence and shine as bright as you can. Our Rainbow Nation (South Africa) has made it so far and together, we can and will continue to move forward. If ever our country needed love, it is now. Do your part. Let there be light.

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