Overcoming a lack of self-confidence

“Am I good enough?” – At some point or another, young teens will ask this question or think it within their psyche. One can’t help but wonder if the youthful mind and ambitions can successfully compete with the older moguls and processed minds.

Sabena Suri (28) shows that yes, you are enough. It was not always this way for Suri though. Yet the way she took on her challenges face on, quit her job and pursued a business is encouraging to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Proof that love – and you – are enough

People’s businesses are often founded on wealth, strategic motivations or expert offerings. The business Sabena co-founded is based on… love. A few years earlier, when she could not visit a friend in hospital, she (along with two of her female friends) assembled a box with tea, the patient’s favourite book and other goodies.

This was the very inspiration to their business, which now ships hand selected gifts across the world. Oh, by the way, it is projected to hit about R92.4 million ($6.6 million) in revenue by the end of 2018.

Here’s what to know like you know in order to boost your self-confidence…

Sabena has been quoted in the media advocating for women in business and she shares her journey with the hopes of inspiring self-confidence in other young female entrepreneurs. Her humanity is moving and she is not afraid to share her ups and downs.

Here are a few of the most inspirational self-confidence boosters you can learn by looking at Sabena’s life:

  • See setbacks as learning opportunities
  • Connect with people who have a similar mindset and goal
  • Know your wealth as a young [female] entrepreneur
  • Write your own rule book
  • Make sure your business idea is scalable
  • Confront failure

Self-confidence is something that is within your power to harness and improve. It is all-consuming. It starts with making your first impressions count, to the way you get up after making a mistake. Sabena showcases how you need to love and believe in yourself and the power of your dreams. She believes that failure is – and always will be – inevitable, but success will come if you don’t give up.

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