Teachers are the most important resources of every nation. Ultimately, they hold more than just the power to inspire individual students – they hold the power to uplift and rebuild an entire country.

With South Africa’s unemployment rate continuing to sky-rocket, and our economy dipping in the opposite direction, our focus needs to be on equipping our youth to make better choices and revive our beautiful country in the coming years. In order to achieve this, we also need to be focusing on equipping our teachers to take on this important responsibility. It is, after all, up to them to take the leading role in effectively moulding and educating our children for a better future!

We take a look at some of the main reasons why teachers are the unsung heroes when it comes to inspiring and leading our youth.

  • Knowledge. Teachers selflessly give of their knowledge and of themselves. They go over and above to help their students understand concepts and important facets of life, business, and everything in between.
  • Inspiration. Teachers who recognise the potential in ambitious students can help to inspire them to reach for their dreams. Teachers are often the strongest driving force behind blossoming young entrepreneurs.
  • Challenge. It is up to teachers to push their students to succeed. Often, this means challenging them in an effort to prove that focus and perseverance can often lead to triumph, no matter how difficult the obstacle initially may seem.
  • Example. Hard-working, dedicated teachers can often breed the same positive qualities in their students.

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