Give wings to their dreams

We all dream. Scientists argue that this starts from within the womb. Even before birth, we are drawn to a higher, somewhat limitless space where anything can happen. Yet while some teens continue to dream on, a new dimension of teen bosses are changing the game for the community and entrepreneurship space.

Those in the know will tell you that it can never be too early or too late to pursue a passion. The time to start your entrepreneurial ambitions is always “now”. It is therefore important to read up on what brilliant teens – who are committed, passionate and willing to work hard – are doing out there to make their dreams a reality.

Success shows no favouritism – and nor do we

We all know the pockets of Africa’s best youth entrepreneurs who are taking the continent and world by storm. Yet what if success didn’t have to be so limited? We have levelled the playing fields by putting the entrepreneurs society teaching content into as many schools as possible.

Teen Entrepreneur will now primarily invest in training the teachers on how to facilitate an entrepreneurs society in their schools. There are no more excuses or chains holding back Mzansi’s youth. The time for action is now.

Go for it!

Gone are the days of operating in silos, information hoarding and/or complaining about not having access to the inroads. We’ve opened up our resources, intellect, skills and trade secrets and are ready to hand over the baton of knowledge to whoever will dare to stretch themselves to share it with and empower, our youth.

Education and empowerment should not be limited to those who can afford it; but rather whosoever will apply themselves, work hard and dare to make their entrepreneurial dream a reality. The time is now. Our arms are wide open. Will you dare to connect with us?

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