Selling solutions for money and recognition

Self-employment is not another word for unemployment. Likewise, not all entrepreneurs are game changers or will cut it. You can have a great idea, but unless you make it sustainable and relevant; you’re just passing time. It does not take much to qualify as an entrepreneur, but for the corporate world and our competitive counterparts all over the world; here’s what really matters.

Who the heck is listening?

Unless you learn to captivate your potential market and future customer, you’re pretty much just another competitor for “SA Idol’s Wooden Mic“. You cannot capture your intended audience if you are not offering them solutions that are relevant to them to the extent that they are willing to pay for them.

Relevance is key

As the saying that has been passed from generation to generation goes, don’t “sell ice to an Eskimo”. Sell him a fishing rod that lures bait without promoting global warming and warm comfy light weight clothing that allows him to dance, work and live leisurely. Let’s bring it closer to home. Imagine if someone discovered a miracle pimple cream that made monster pimples disappear forever, and sold it to teens at a reasonable price? You see, you’re already interested.

Forget cheap, bring on the solution

Whoever told you that price is the only big motivator for customers to buy a product, unfortunately lied to you. Just look around you, you can get school shoes for R40 a pair or you can get a branded pair for over a grand + (R1 000+). Both can do the same task.

Cultivate eyes that see what others can’t

You need to have an eye that can spot problems. It is not always about reinventing the wheel, but looking at existing items and adding value to them. Take a car for example; innovative minds added seat belts, bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, sun roofs and so many more ‘optional extras’. What new “must-have” feature can you think of adding to a mobile phone or school rucksack?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the world is willing and ready to pay for solutions. Instead of trying to recreate a blanket approach item, find a niche and speak to it. To craft your skills, get access to mentors and find out how to become a Teen Boss, click here. It could just be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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