Best business startup ideas for the modern day entrepreneur

What are you naturally inclined to, to the extent that you would consider doing it even without getting paid? Passion, detail and solutions; those are the must-haves for any prospective modern day entrepreneur. Here are 6 business startup ideas to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Social media management
    We live in a time where businesses that don’t even have proper signage and/or websites will most likely have a Facebook profile. If you are the type of person who can’t start the day without checking your social media news feeds, have mastered Google ads and online advertising; then you could be making money. Businesses are willing to pay for social media management and strategies to help them generate sales and engage effectively with their target audience.
  • Knowledge transfer through coaching services
    Institutions such as the University of South Africa offer short courses on Knowledge Management to help you better navigate and predict in this information age. Knowledge management and skills transferal are at the forefront of acquiring superior knowledge that will give you a competitive advantage over your peers. You can make money by coaching others on something you are good at – such as designing, making websites and effective bookkeeping, or even your top subjects – via Skype, live streaming and/or in person.
  • Guided tours
    If you know an area and its history well, then you could offer travel companies and hotels with networking opportunities, so that you provide their clients with guided tours. As a safety precaution, work with trusted companies and pick your routes well.
  • Repairing smart devices
    Do you have a passion (and ability) to fix family devices, sort out computer glitches and can tear devices apart and put them back together again? Perhaps you can top up your basic knowledge with a short course to get the basics and then use your talents to repair and restore smart devices. This is a lucrative niche with a very big demand.
  • App creation
    There are apps for banking, shopping, cooking, running, sleeping, games, marketing corporate services and lots more. Rather than just consuming apps, why not apply your mind and be the one behind the app who makes it happen?
  • Blogging
    Bloggers can get paid for affiliate marketing links on their site, social media influencing (getting paid to tweet), attending events, authoring books and writing sponsored posts. They work flexi hours and can pick jobs they are interested in. It is perhaps worth looking into as a great way to subsidise your income while studying.

 All things said and done, you should let your passions navigate you towards a career path that you will enjoy. Your business startup ideas should be solutions driven and hopefully do their bit for the environment as well. Let your innate talents, interests and skills guide you.

 Image Credit: Pixabay
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