Learn, Fail, Learn Some More – The Journey of an Entrepreneur

The beautiful part about being an entrepreneur is not only making a success of your venture, but making the most of the journey that takes you there. What’s even more wonderful is that it’s not just your business that grows – you do, too!

Below, we take a brief look at what to expect as you begin walking the path as a young entrepreneur with a vision and a desire to succeed.


Ask any successful entrepreneur and he or she will tell you that before they took the leap of faith and started their business, they were utterly terrified.

It is normal to feel afraid of failure and unsure about whether or not you have what it takes. Just remember that confidence and self-belief are the two secrets to overcoming these lingering feelings of doubt.


You will never be fully prepared for the challenges that will inevitably come your way as an entrepreneur who is just starting out. From changes in the interests / ways of thinking in your target audience to cash flow problems, there will likely always be a mountain for you to climb. The mark of a good business person, however, is to continue that climb with the help of the resources at hand. Having an awesome mentor to turn to never hurt either!


One thing that you can count on throughout your entrepreneurial journey is that you will fail… and you will probably fail multiple times. Have faith in yourself as it is these failures that will teach you the skills, lessons and resilience to turn future attempts into successes!


There will come a time when things will start falling into place. You will find your rhythm and start realising your short term goals. Victory will be in sight. But wait! Don’t stop now. This is when your determination and focus is the most important – and it is what will get you to the ‘finish line’.


Ahhh, finally. Once you have overcome all obstacles, you just might be one of the lucky ones who succeeds. Just remember that even though success has been achieved, it still needs to be maintained! In short, the journey of an entrepreneur is never, ever over.

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