Investing in Your Child’s Future: Encouraging Entrepreneurship from an Early Age

While many people argue that true leaders are born that way, the fact of the matter is that leadership can be taught. The trick is to start instilling this characteristic in your child from a very early age.

Encouraging leadership and entrepreneurship potential is certain to be a wise investment in your child’s future and will lead to a number of benefits for you, your youngster and the South African economy as a whole. These benefits include the following.

They Will Learn Valuable Life Skills

By starting their own little businesses while still in primary school and high school, they will learn all about the importance of hard work, rising back up after failure, taking calculated risks and putting their skills to good use. Even if they don’t end up following the entrepreneurial track after school, all of these skills will certainly help to put them one step ahead of their peers when it comes to finding, and keeping, a job!

They Will Learn All about the Value of Money

When you start a business, you realise very quickly that nothing comes cheap. You work with money and you feel that sense of elation when you earn it doing something worthwhile. All of this is likely to assist your child in maintaining his or her financial freedom well into his or her adult years, and help them to avoid having to deal with money problems, such as a debt.

They Will Help to Improve Our Country’s Economy

Small businesses are the backbone of South Africa’s economy, so your child’s entrepreneurial skills will be making a much bigger difference in the future than you might think!

Wondering how to go about leading your children down the path to successfully starting and running their own businesses one day? Join the SA Teen Entrepreneur programme for parents today and receive helpful tips, advice and resources. Let’s take action and start moulding our country’s future leaders together!

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