Do YOU Have the Skills that it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?

While certain personality types adapt better to leadership and everything involved with becoming an entrepreneur slightly more easily than others, the truth is that with ambition, passion and perseverance, anyone can become an entrepreneur.

Below, we take a look at a few of the more important skills that you will need to possess in order to turn your self-made determination and business into a sure-fire success.

Personal Skills

Things like honesty, confidence and tact can all play a part in determining whether you’ll be a successful entrepreneur or not. However, the most important personal skill / attribute is that of pure determination.

Take famous SA entrepreneur, turnaround strategist and Dragon’s Den Judge Lebo Gunguluza, for example. Despite being bankrupt, he never gave up on his dream. He was determined to learn more and succeed. In fact, he used to sneak into CNA every day to read business books that he couldn’t afford to buy. When chased away by staff, he would rush home, change his clothes and go straight back in the hopes that nobody would recognise him!

The good news is that the necessary personal skills can be learnt with plenty of practice and the assistance of a mentor who can provide guidance and advice along the way.

Standing Out

At the end of the day, the majority of successful entrepreneurs do more than just make sure that their products or services stand out – they go the extra mile to make sure that they stand out too! Ask anyone who has ever been involved in the business world and they will tell you that it is a million times easier to make that sale if you come across as charming and knowledgeable. The ability to negotiate also goes a long way…


Excellent communication skills are necessary in practically any and every profession, and they are especially important for entrepreneurs who are trying to make a name for themselves. You need to be able to communicate effectively with customers, employee and suppliers, so if necessary, be sure to get working on those language skills as well!

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