How to prioritise self, community and entrepreneurship

It never ends. The rat race. You pretty much move on from a nappy bag to a kiddie bag, school back pack to laptop bag and some trade this for a nursing sack with all the medication for the elderly. We are constantly evolving and caught up with stuff.

Students often say that they just don’t have time to get to their books and put in the necessary effort required to shine through. Young entrepreneurs complain about not having time to think things through and get them actioned. When asked to elaborate, an endless list of planned and unplanned activities surface.

For example, there are chores catching up with social life, health/emotional issues, parents wanting to touch base and maybe even boo wanting some quality time. It can get downright overwhelming. Yet, all is not lost. Here are tried and tested ways to help you prioritise.

Effective ways to help you prioritise

Much has been written about prioritising and there is a wealth of self-help material available for free online which can help you to organise your life. For the most part, it does not even need to be complicated.

We know that students have better things to do than go through heaps of information overload aimed at simplifying life, so we’ve simplified it right here for you:

Top 10 tips to get it together

  1. Set top goals for each day for your personal and entrepreneurial vision
  2. Urgent does not always mean most important, so use your discretion
  3. Focus on just one thing at a time, but be fully present
  4. Delegate and get help; you don’t have to do it all on your own
  5. Take time out, you cannot give if you are empty inside
  6. Know Who matters most: God, family and friends also count
  7. Join a high school society or like-minded movement
  8. Do what you can for the community while creating your empire
  9. Meditate and find a stillness within when things get busy
  10. Start now

You are the captain of your ship, the driver of your destiny and the one who needs to decide what you are going to do each moment. It is never too late to change or start working on being a better entrepreneur and individual. You are never hopeless.

Life does not have to be a never ending rush. Learn to enjoy it. Fall, but always rise again. Be in the moment. It is possible.

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