Ushering change in the community through entrepreneurship

There are many needs in our communities. Some communities are poverty stricken, full of crime or simply out of touch with the needs of residents. It is easy to list the problems, but that won’t change anything. The blame game – no matter how valid – does no good. There is a tool however that is within your means that you can use to call for a turnaround in your community. That weapon is entrepreneurship.

Ways in which entrepreneurship can uplift and change the community:

  • Job creation
  • Providing skills and training to community members
  • Financial empowerment
  • Promotes fair trade
  • Brings the community together
  • Encourages innovation
  • Fosters education

Where to start

Perhaps you are sold out to the idea of becoming a Teen Boss, joining High School Entrepreneurs Societies and using your entrepreneurial skills for good. The problem comes in knowing where to start finding out about generating ideas, getting funding, linking up with a cool mentor who understands you and hooking up with like-minded youth.

It starts with a decision to change for the better. Allowing yourself to reach a higher level of excellence than what you have ever imagined. As silly as this may sound, believe it or not, most folks fear success. The fear of “what if I make it big?” is what keeps them from taking this next step.

If building value, creating wealth and bringing out the best in people is something that you aspire to, then you should become a teen entrepreneur today! This will open your doors and connect you to the resources, skills and connections you need to get ahead. Don’t wait until the window of opportunity has closed. Do it now. Your future awaits. Step into it today.

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