15 11, 2013

Defining a niche market

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A niche market is a specific group of people within a larger market. These people have specific needs and often need specialist companies to fulfil their needs. When you think of a niche market what springs to mind? Teen Entrepreneur Foundation is a good example of a niche market (if we say so oursleves). We [...]

14 08, 2013

Become a Teen Entrepreneur

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Teen Entrepreneur Foundation has launched its membership program. With over 18million Teenagers in South Africa, Teen Entrepreneur Foundation will aim to connect with all teenagers who believe that they have what it takes to develop their talents, passions and energy to create a better world for all. With its many training opportunities, members will be [...]

14 08, 2013

Corporate Membership

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This opportunity is open to all corporates who have an interest in developing young entrepreneurs. There are 3 Categories of corporate membership - Gold Premium: R250,000 per Year. Benefits for this class of membership are huge. 1) Your Company logo and brief preamble will be featured in all our marketing 2) You Company will have [...]

10 06, 2013

Discipline and success – how to encourage these attributes in a teen entrepreneur

2013-06-10T08:42:33+00:00 June 10th, 2013|Articles for Parents, General|

Peruse the business section of any bookshop and you’ll notice the sheer number of books dealing with the same theme: keys to success. From New York to London to Tokyo and seemingly everywhere in between, there are business experts publishing their views on what makes a successful manager, CEO or entrepreneur. None of us has [...]

8 06, 2013

Supporting an entrepreneurial teen

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Those of us who have teenagers know just how much they love to dream. If they aren’t diving head-first into some new fad or craze, then they are rebelling against it! Sometimes teenage antics can test the patience of any parent, but if your teenage son or daughter has an entrepreneurial streak he or she [...]

3 06, 2013

Selling for teens

2013-06-03T08:27:45+00:00 June 3rd, 2013|Articles for Teens, General|

So you’re all fired up about the awesome new business idea you have? Fantastic! Once you decide what your business is all about and you are ready to start, you’ll need to take the excitement you feel about your ideas and make your customers feel excited too – that’s how you’ll make some serious cash. [...]