There are countless ambitious teens in South Africa. However, without the right guidance and mentorship, many of these eager teens with big ideas will be unable to put them successfully into practice. This is why champion teachers are so critical. Below, we take a brief look into the personality traits of these types of teachers – does this sound like you? Are YOU ready to make a difference?

They Are Passionate

Champion teachers want nothing more than to see their students thrive and soar. They are passionate about empowering young people to do more, dream more, and be more.

They Are Communicative

Champion teachers have the patience to give guidance and explain various aspects of the entrepreneurial path to their students. They are also great at providing feedback and encouraging students to open up about their dreams and then listening to each teen’s input, challenges and thoughts on various matters.

They Are Adaptable

Champion teachers understand that no child or teen learns in the exact same way as another. They refuse to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach in any of their teachings and can adapt and mold unique teaching methods to suit individual students with whom they interact.

They Are Good Examples

They are encouraging leaners to be more positive, determined, and creative, so they know that their behaviour and way of thinking needs to reflect this in order to set a good example. Setting such an example means maintaining a positive outlook, working on self-improvement and, of course, getting directly involved with the students’ activities.

SA Teen Entrepreneur is focused on training teachers who have the time, passion, and dedication to run our young entrepreneur’s programme at their schools. If you embody the traits mentioned above, be sure to sign up to become a champion teacher today! If you’re keen to support our work, kindly read and share our story here.