Fabulously South African flagship female entrepreneurs – how to follow in their footsteps

At Teen Entrepreneur we don’t need Women’s Month (August) or Female Founders Month (May) to acknowledge the role of women in entrepreneurship.

While we celebrate and encourage everyone to make positive change in the entrepreneurial sphere, we also play our bit in mobilising marginalised groups, such as disadvantaged, women and children. Here are 3 extraordinary South African female entrepreneurs and their journeys.

Jessica Bonin

Jessica Bonin, fondly known as “the tea lady”, is the founder of Lady Bonin’s artisanal tea. She also played a big role in Lady Bonin’s Tea, launching South Africa’s first ever tea bar. Some of her accolades include being a finalist in Women of The Future 2016, Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, finalist in the Cape Talk Small Business Awards and Impact Business Pioneer.

Jessica used her love for tea and turned it into something pioneering. In most cases she cuts out the middle man and works directly with the farms who produce the tea.

Nkhensani Nkosi

Stoned Cherrie is a South African fashion brand that needs no introduction. It was founded by Nkhensani Nkosi, who is also a designer.

Since launching the brand in 2000, she has showcased her clothing range locally and abroad, including at the New York Fashion Week. The brand has grown tremendously and now also includes the talents of New York-based South African designer Darryl Jagga. Many celebrities, including Afro pop singer Lira have proudly worn their clothing masterpieces.

Nicole Stephens

Nicole Stephens is a co-founder and brainchild behind The Recruitment Specialists. What makes her company model unique is that she – along with her female employees – work on flexitime. Entrepreneurship has empowered her to say goodbye to the typical “9am to 5pm” traditional work structure, allowing her to make a profitable model working around the needs of her family, in her own time.

In conclusion, all these woman show us that with hard-work, passion and a desire to “get out of the rat race”; it is possible to be your own boss. There are so many possibilities out there for female entrepreneurs and they are worth celebrating, year round. The importance of finding a mentor cannot be underestimated. Mentors are experts who have done it themselves and are ready and eager to help you do the same.

If you aspire to travel your own journey and make your dreams a reality, we invite you (both male and female) to become a teen entrepreneur. The future you – and nation and continent at large – will thank you for making this decision today.

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