Overcoming Gender Bias as a Female Entrepreneur in South Africa

Despite the fact that women were granted equal rights many, many years ago, there is no denying that there is still a gender bias problem all around the globe – and South Africa definitely isn’t an exception. Not only do women generally receive lower incomes than men regardless of possessing the same skills and filling the same roles, they are often taken less seriously as entrepreneurs, too.

If you are a strong female with a drive to succeed and a big idea that you can’t wait to explore, here are three South African women who have overcome gender bias, and achieved great success as self-starters, to inspire you to make all of those dreams come true!

Basetsana Kumalo – Executive Chairman & CEO of Basetsana Woman Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

This woman is as talented as she is beautiful. Crowned Miss SA in 1990, Basetsana has done big things over the course of the last few years. She was determined to prove to the world that she was a lot more than just a pretty face – and she has done exactly that!

Basetsana has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and started her own business selling sandwiches at football games while she was still in school. She is now the proud owner of her very own clothing, cosmetics and eyewear range. In fact, she boasts over 250 stores in total! If that isn’t enough, this female powerhouse was also the former President of the Business Women’s Association of South Africa.

Khanyi Dhlomo – Founder and Managing Director of Ndalo Media

This inspirational lady began her career modestly as a motivated 20 year old simply bursting with ideas. After many years of hard work, she finally felt ready to start her own business in 2007 and is now the founder and managing director of self-built Ndalo Media. She is also the head publisher for Destiny and Destiny Man, two of SA’s most respected magazines.

Rapelang Rabana – Founder of Rekindle Learning

This young lady has also made a success of herself and her business, an online learning tech company, in SA despite being judged for her gender. In 2014, she was voted the Entrepreneur for the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum and has since also been added to the list of 100 Young Global Leaders under the age of 40, by the World Economic Forum.

As a young female entrepreneur, success needn’t be elusive if you want it badly enough. So go out there and get it! For assistance, guidance and advice, don’t forget to join the SA Teen Entrepreneur programme by clicking here.

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