Young entrepreneurs you just have to know

Most of us are familiar with the name Mark Zuckerberg, one of the wealthiest people in the world who started Facebook when he was a young college student. If, on the other hand you are more of a music fundi – a Justin Bieber (or rather a Bielieber) fan – you will know him for not just his captivating performances, but also as a go-getter entrepreneur who also branched out into apparel, fragrance and more.

Those of you who just can’t turn down a bargain, will most likely know of Groupon, an online business that allows you to receive discounts on meals, fashion apparels to pretty much almost anything. What you perhaps don’t know is that it was founded by a young entrepreneur Andrew Mason, who is now the CEO of Groupon.

You’ve got to think out of the galaxy big…

There’s no simple way of putting it, young entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. They are not just rising as a force to be recognised in industry, but can make a tangible impact the world over. Just in case you are thinking this is an overseas phenomena, you could not be further from the truth. Africans, and particularly young South African entrepreneurs are raising the banner. We have such a beautiful story to tell.

So you think it’s cool to have a street named after you? What about a young South African scientist (26) who had the space gurus of NASA name a planet after him, in honour of his work in developing a record-breaking rocket and creating safer, more energy-efficient rocket fuel? Siyabulela Xuza, a Harvard University student from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape is working on new energy to help save the planet.

A call for more entrepreneurship education at school level

Speaking to Teen Entrepreneur in an exclusive interview, Pascal Fröhlicher, Impact Investor and Entrepreneur based in Johannesburg, emphasised the dire need for more entrepreneurship in education on a school level. “Entrepreneurial thinking is key to success in a rapidly changing world. This does not only apply to people starting their own company. Entrepreneurship should form a key component of a curriculum that prepares the youth for the future,” concluded Pascal.

All things said and done, there is a dire call for young entrepreneurs. It is not just part of South Africa’s key dialogue, but a conversation that is applicable the world over. If ever there was a time to stand up and be counted, it is now. Awaken the creativity within you. Maybe, just maybe, you are the next young world changer the world is awaiting.

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