Young entrepreneurs face many challenges – because of their youth, they find it hard to be taken seriously and build trust and authority.

That said, there are many resources for young entrepreneurs, namely our incredible learn and earn online academy right here at Teen Entrepreneur where you earn TSiRU virtual currency for every module you complete! Thanks to our wonderful partner Shoprite you can redeem your TSiRU, @Shoprite_SA outlets around the country. Here’s how to learn and earn TSiRU – YouTube Video!

In addition, being young isn’t all that bad. In fact, there are many advantages to being young when you’re just starting out in business!

Advantages of being a young entrepreneur

  1. A fresh perspective

Older entrepreneurs can become set in their ways of doing things. However, young entrepreneurs have to start learning from scratch and this often leads to finding new, innovative solutions. For example, young entrepreneurs are much more willing to embrace new tech that can help them in their business.

  1. The freedom to take risks

As you get older, taking risks is a lot scarier. Young entrepreneurs typically aren’t tied into all the trappings of an established adult life – car payments, house payment, school fees etc. With less responsibility, a young entrepreneur is free to take more risks. And a well-calculated risk in business can pay off big time!

  1. Time

One of the biggest advantages of being a young entrepreneur is time. You have years ahead during which you can dream up ideas, try them out, succeed or fail, and learn and grow. The older you get the more time becomes a ‘deadline’.

Being young is no excuse to stall on your side hustle. And we’re here to help – join our online academy to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and speak to your favourite teacher at school about starting an entrepreneurs society!